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ErgoDynamic Chairs

MSRP: $1,425.00
Now: $1,295.00
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Additional Information

Product Description

The only chair in the world where the back rest comes to you!

The ErgoDynamic® (usa design patented) is our most advanced work stool. It features the unique patented scissor-mechanism and is the only chair in the world where the backrest automatically advances towards the back when needed.


Optimal Posture.

When sitting down on the ErgoDynamic®, the lumbar support automatically comes toward the back, and fits snugly into the hollow contours of the lower back. The natural anatomical S-shape of your spine remains secured even during passive sitting. The purposely down-sized shape of the lumbar support provides optimal freedom of movement and activates stretching of the entire spine. The scissor mechanism of the Dynamic® guarantees the best stabilization of your lower back.

Click here to view a demonstration of passive and active sitting.

Full automatic. 

When sitting in an active working position,  the seat assumes a positive inclination of 3 degrees. With normal  fatigue, leaning back may seem comfortable, but in fact, a slumping position increases the risk of disc pressure and irritation of the posterior longitudinal ligament and/or facet joints. The mechanism automatically compensates for this by tilting the seat  6 degrees back and advancing the lumbar support towards the lower back for optimal correction.



The ErgoDynamic® has proven its contribution to preventing and improving back complaints in many cases (see our testimonial page).

Available with various armrests and foot ring (see accessories page). Below shown with telescoping 2D armrests.



For the best performance, the ErgoDynamic® should be adjusted to each individual user, for which we offer detailed support and instruction.
After initially adjusting the ErgoDynamic® to your individual body dimensions once, no further adjusting is needed.

Body height:  choose cylinder size ST if your body height is under 6 ft, choose size L if you're taller than 6 ft.


Body weight:  the N-number determines the amount of resistance of the internal cylinders (N for Newton).

                       choose the right tilting mechanism for your weight:

                       350N if body weight is  < 110 lbs

                       450N if body weight is between 110 - 160 lbs

                       550N if body weight is  between 160 – 240 lbs

                       650N if body weight is  > 240 lbs (maximum 275 lbs)


Seat size:  the seat comes in regular and extra wide size. The extra-wide seat is standard included with 650N models.

Scale setting:  once the chair is built right for you, you make the final adjustment by setting the weight knob under the seat (number 4).

                        You only have to do this once.

Now the chair is fully attuned to your personal body dimensions and individual movement!


If you already have a chair: you can find all the specifications of your chair on the back of the seat, on the gold label. The label displays the serial number, an S or B for seat width (S for narrow, B for extra wide) , and the N number for the resistance factor of the tilting mechanism preceeding the seat width letter.