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The Dental Microscope Book

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The Dental Microscope Book - FREE SHIPPING!

The ultimate guide to Microscopy. Learn about the powerful advantages of using a microscope for every specialty of dentistry.

Then, learn how to learn.

Here is the rousing introduction of the book:


We believe the dental operating microscope is, without a doubt, the single most significant acquisition to enhance an operator’s clinical skill set. The microscope leads to expanding interests, competence and confidence. The microscope is an excitement builder. In many cases, the dental operating microscope converts a semi-burned-out, mid-career dentist into a confident, enthusiastic operator who now feels "called" to his vocation. These experiences can radically transform the "back nine" years of a dental career. We believe the dental operating microscope has made the transition from “interesting possibility” to “dental necessity.” All dentists can do better work with the operating microscope. Margins that might inadvertently be left open can be closed. Cracks can be more accurately diagnosed, and treated. Caries that, in the past, needed to progress until seen with the naked eye can be treated earlier. Most dental needs can be treated more conservatively, with less loss of healthy tissue. Tissue coaptation is more perfectly accomplished leading to more rapid healing.


Contents (261 Pages plus 5 Chairside Training Cards:

Section I - Why?


  • Ergonomics and the Dental Microscope
  • Endodontics and the Dental Microscope
  • Periodontics and the Dental Microscope
  • Restorative Dentistry and the Microscope
  • Exodontia and the Dentl Microscope
  • The Lab and the Dental Microscope
  • The Dental Microscope Advantage


Section II - How


  • A Selection of Dental Photomicrographs
  • Preparing for Learning - A Prelude to Training
  • Training Exercise One - Motor Skills
  • Training Exercise Two - Maxillary Anterior
  • Training Exercise Three - Maxillary Posterior
  • Training Exercise Four - Mandibular Arch
  • Mastering Efficiency
  • Conclusion
  • Index