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Samaritan 350P

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Product Description

The Samaritan 300P Defibrillator including the following:

 FREE Adult Pad-Pak (3½ years life for Pads and batteries)

 FREE AED Prep Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gloves, Face shield, Anti-microbial wipe, Towel)

 FREE Softcase ($49 value!)

 FREE In-Service CD

 FREE Expiry Date Tracking

 FREE Industry Best 10 year warranty

 FREE Shipping

Product Description:

The SAMARITAN® PAD Public Access Defibrillator (or Automatic External Defibrillator) is an easy-to-use medical device especially designed for public access use, to administer lifesaving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


No complex displays or controls. A flashing green STATUS light indicates system is operational.

The samaritan PAD prompts you visually and audibly with clear, calm instructions - starting with "Adult Patient" if equipped for adult Pad-Pak™, and "Child Patient" if equipped with pediatric-pak™. Other prompts instruct users throughout the rescue process, while reminding users to "call for medical assistance." The system then guides the user through pad application to shock delivery if required.

Electrode pads are contained in an innovative Pad-Pak™ or Pediatric-Pak™ which are accessible by pulling the green tab.

Pads are accessible with the unit in the storage case (supplied with each unit).

The Adult (Gray) Pad-Pak™ is for patients >8 years & 55 lbs. The Pediatric-Pak™ (Pink) is for patients 1-8 years or under 55 lbs 

When electrode pads are applied, the system automatically assesses the patient to determine if a shock is required. If not, the unit will prompt the rescuer to begin CPR.

Verbal and visual prompts guide the rescuer when to touch and when not to touch the patient. If it is determined that a shock is required, the Shock Button illuminates.

A CPR tone and flashing icon coach the rescuer in delivering chest compressions according to AHA or ERC 2005 guidelines- 100 compressions per minute - for 2 minute intervals.

Data from an event can be retrieved (up to 45 minutes of ECG) using a proprietary cable.

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Product Warranty

7 year Warranty - the longest in the industry!