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  • Medicare Approved Home Sleep Study Device
  • Medicare Approved Home Sleep Study Device

Watermark ARES Unit

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Product Description


Apnea Risk Evaluation System

 In the past, you had to send your patient to the hospital for an expensive over-night sleep study to determine if the patient was a candidate for an night appliance to treat sleep apnea.

 That has changed with ARES!

 This device is taken home by the patient and through the night it gathers the same data. When the device is brought back to the office, you download the information to a hosted site where the data is transferred. Then, a Board Certified Sleep expert can determine if the patient has sleep apnea. (the charge for this service is around $50.)

 Generally, the patient is charged $300. The device is Medicare approved. Treatment can consist of CPAP, an appliance or surgery. If an appliance is needed, the patient can retake the sleep test to determine the efficacy of the appliance.

 Since a sleep clinic test can cost up to $2500 and subject the patient to discomfort away from their own bed and home, it is clear to see the popularity of this methodology. It is estimated that some 40% of those who are recommended to have a sleep test do not show up at the clinic.


 The cost is for a single unit with Portal. Comes with supplies for one test.



  Accurately screen your patients

  •  50% of OSA patients also have Hypertension
  •  One-third of Type 2 diabetics also have OSA
  •  Over 20 million Americans suspected of OSA
  •  Less than 15% have been diagnosed
  •  Untreated OSA can cost up to 5 life-years


 · Acquires 9 signals with no wires

  •  Most patient friendly device available
  •  Single or multiple night studies
  •  Voice prompted instructions and alerts
  •  Fast and easy device turnaround
  •  Web application - no traditional software



Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty

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