Sleep Apnea and Home Sleep Testing

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the most common sleep disorder, is in most cases, best treated by dentists for several reasons:

  • Advancement of the mandible by means of an appliance is an effective means of keeping the airway open and counteract the apneas
  • The dentist tends to see patients more frequently than do medical providers. Hence, the dentist is in the  best position to provide long-term care
  • Dentists are now recognized as an acceptable primary resolution to treating apneas in the AHI range of 5 to 30.

Please read this informative article in DentalTown about dental involvement in OSA treatment: "Dental Sleep Medicine - The Time is Now"

Insurance Guidelines

Starting with United Health Care on October 1, 2011, all patients will need to be preauthorized for sleep studies. Based on medical necessity criteria, many will now qualify for a Home Sleep Test initially.

Please read the newsletter alert from United Healtcare: "Network Bulletin"