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Nonin LifeSense Capnograph and SpO2

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Product Description

NOTE: Due to excessive demand - this product is currently on basckorder until into 2014.

To be compliant with the AAOMS regulation, your order should be placed before Jan 31, 2014

Product Advantages

  • Simple device easy to set up
  • Competitively priced - significantly lower than BCI or Oridion
  • Non-proprietary cannulas
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface easy to learn and use
  • Small, lightweight easily portable (can be easily pole mounted or used in a "boot" for protection from falling)
  • Widescreendisplay clearly visible from a distance
  • Runs on battery or AC power 
  • LifeSense includes Nonin pulse oximetry - one convenient device that does the work of two.
  • Fast "First Breath" technology gives readings in < 20 seconds
  • Other products require 25 35 seconds
  • Fastest response time to monitor patients
  • Requires no interruption of readings to self-calibrate during operation no loss in patient monitoring