Why Microscopy?


Here are just a few reasons:

  •  Ergonomics—Sit upright—no shoulder, back neck pain!
  •  Practice Life: Add 5 to 7 years to your practice life.
  •  Better Vision: “You can only treat what you can see”
  •  Quality: Perform better dentistry on every procedure
  •  TP Acceptance: Patient sees what you see—amplified!

 Common Reservations

  •  Microscopes are for Endodontists. True—especially since the AAE has stated that use of a microscope is now considered standard of service. However, ALL dentists can likewise benefit from better vision.
  •  There is a Learning Curve. True—the average learning curve is 1 to 2 months. Is it worth it? After at least 8 years of schooling, what is 1 or 2 months to lengthen your practice life by 5 to 7 years?
  •  Procedures take longer. False — Although during the learning curve you may take a bit longer, in time you will move swiftly. You will see your work more thoroughly, have less returns and more fun!

 Why Seiler?

  •  Reputation: A world optics leader for 70 years!
  •  Highest qualitycomponents at affordable pricing. Lifetime warranty!
  •  Illumination: Seiler’s industry-leading 100,000 LUX LED lighting system.
  •  Magnification: Ranges six steps from 2.3x to 19x on the XR6
  •  Video: Camera and HD Video for documentation and patient and assistant viewing
  •  Enthralled users. Check out evaluation of Dental Product Shopper


 Satisfied Seiler Users

¨ “Every day, I use the [Seiler] microscope in the office and I see things that I was unable to visualize in everyday practice even a few months ago. Seeing close up all the small intricacies of the dental anatomy, is changing the way I diagnose and treat everyday dental conditions.”

¨ “All my restorative and crown work is better, I can diagnose cracks and decay better, and it keeps me from inadvertently making mistakes.”

¨ “This level of magnification allows me to perform to a higher standard. The reward for me is an enhanced enjoyment of dentistry.”

¨ “I needed a reliable scope at a reasonable price from a dependable company, and this scope met the requirements.”

¨ “Seiler is a great company and the service was terrific.”